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Corporate Governance Evaluation Checklist


For the purpose of this report, ABLE’s compliance of and explanations for any deviations from the Governance Evaluation Checklist (Enhanced Tier)1, Code of Governance for Charities and IPCs, is provided below. This submission is for the financial year October 2019 to September 2020.

S/NDescriptionCode IDResponse
Board Governance
1.Induction and orientation are provided to incoming governing board members upon joining the Board.1.1.2Complied
Are there governing board members holding staff2 appointments? (skip items 2 and 3 if “No”)No
2.Staff does not chair the Board and does not comprise more than one third of the Board.1.1.3
3.There are written job descriptions for the staff’s executive functions and operational duties, which are distinct from the staff’s Board role.1.1.5
4."The Treasurer of the charity (or any person holding an equivalent position in the charity, e.g. Finance Committee Chairman or a governing board member responsible for overseeing the finances of the charity) can only serve a maximum of 4 consecutive years. If the charity has not appointed any governing board member to oversee its finances, it will be presumed that the Chairman oversees the finances of the charity."1.1.7Complied
5.All governing board members must submit themselves for re-nomination and re-appointment, at least once every 3 years.1.1.8Complied
6.The Board conducts self-evaluation to assess its performance and effectiveness once during its term or every 3 years, whichever is shorter.1.1.12Complied
Is there any governing board member who has served for more than 10 consecutive years? (skip item 7 if “No”)No
7.The charity discloses in its annual report the reasons for retaining the governing board member who has served for more than 10 consecutive years.1.1.13
8.There are documented terms of reference for the Board and each of its committees.1.2.1Complied
Conflict of Interest
9.There are documented procedures for governing board members and staff to declare actual or potential conflicts of interest to the Board at the earliest opportunity.2.1Complied
10.Governing board members do not vote or participate in decision making on matters where they have a conflict of interest.2.4Complied
Strategic Planning
11.The Board periodically reviews and approves the strategic plan for the charity to ensure that the charity’s activities are in line with the charity’s objectives.3.2.2Complied
Human Resource and Volunteer Management
12.The Board approves documented human resource policies for staff.5.1Complied
13.There is a documented Code of Conduct for governing board members, staff and volunteers (where applicable) which is approved by the Board.5.3Complied
14.There are processes for regular supervision, appraisal and professional development of staff.5.5Complied
Are there volunteers serving in the charity? (skip item 15 if “No”)Yes
15.There are volunteer management policies in place for volunteers.5.7Complied
Financial Management and Internal Controls
16.There is a documented policy to seek the Board’s approval for any loans, donations, grants or financial assistance provided by the charity which are not part of the charity’s core charitable programmes.6.1.1Complied
17.The Board ensures that internal controls for financial matters in key areas are in place with documented procedures.6.1.2Complied
18.The Board ensures that reviews on the charity’s internal controls, processes, key programmes and events are regularly conducted.6.1.3Complied
19.The Board ensures that there is a process to identify, and regularly monitor and review the charity’s key risks.6.1.4Complied
20.The Board approves an annual budget for the charity’s plans and regularly monitors the charity’s expenditure.6.2.1Complied
Does the charity invest its reserves (e.g. in fixed deposits)? (skip item 21 if “No”)Yes
21.The charity has a documented investment policy approved by the Board.6.4.3Complied
Fundraising Practices
Did the charity receive cash donations (solicited or unsolicited) during the financial year? (skip item 22 if “No”)Yes
22.All collections received (solicited or unsolicited) are properly accounted for and promptly deposited by the charity.7.2.2Complied
Did the charity receive donations in kind during the financial year? (skip item 23 if “No”)Yes
23.All donations in kind received are properly recorded and accounted for by the charity.7.2.3Complied
Disclosure and Transparency
24."The charity discloses in its annual report —
(a) the number of Board meetings in the financial year; and
(b) the attendance of every governing board member at those meetings."
Are governing board members remunerated for their services to the Board? (skip items 25 and 26 if “No”)No
25.No governing board member is involved in setting his own remuneration.2.2
26."The charity discloses the exact remuneration and benefits received by each governing board member in its annual report. OR The charity discloses that no governing board member is remunerated."8.3
27.Does the charity employ paid staff? (skip items 27, 28 and 29 if “No”)2.2Yes
No staff is involved in setting his own remuneration.Complied
28."The charity discloses in its annual report — (a) the total annual remuneration for each of its 3 highest paid staff who each has received remuneration (including remuneration received from the charity’s subsidiaries) exceeding $100,000 during the financial year; and (b) whether any of the 3 highest paid staff also serves as a governing board member of the charity. The information relating to the remuneration of the staff must be presented in bands of $100,000. OR The charity discloses that none of its paid staff receives more than $100,000 each in annual remuneration."8.4Complied
29."The charity discloses the number of paid staff who satisfies all of the following criteria:
a) the staff is a close member of the family belonging to the Executive Head or a governing board member of the charity;
(b) the staff has received remuneration exceeding $50,000 during the financial year. The information relating to the remuneration of the staff must be presented in bands of $100,000. OR The charity discloses that there is no paid staff, being a close member of the family belonging to the Executive Head or a governing board member of the charity, who has received remuneration exceeding $50,000 during the financial year."
Public Image
30.The charity has a documented communication policy on the release of information about the charity and its activities across all media platforms9.2Complied
1 Code of governance for Charities and Institutions of a Public character issued by the Charity Council, April 2017
2 Staff: Paid or unpaid individuals who are involved in the day-to-day operations of the charity, e.g. an Executive Director or administrative personnel