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The ABLE Team

Christine’s primary caregiver

In March 2014, Mdm Catherine Ho’s daughter Christine, in her early 30s, suffered meningitis and two strokes which affected her sleep mode and short term memory. Christine was hospitalized for four months. Upon her discharge, Mdm Ho became Christine’s primary caregiver, tending to her daughter’s daily needs. Christine was wheelchair bound for over 2 years.

A Senior Consultant at the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), Singapore, shared ABLE’s services and Mdm Ho registered as a Caregiver in the ABLE Respite Centre, while Christine began therapy at the ABLE Rehabilitation Centre.

Mdm Ho reports that her daughter has been making good progress with ABLE’s Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Pilates instructors. She is heartened to see that her daughter has gained hand strength and even started to walk again with the aid of a quad stick.

“The Respite Centre has become like a second home for me”, says Mdm Ho. Both mum and daughter often spend time relaxing at the lounge area in the Respite Centre, and enjoy using the massage chairs in between Christine’s therapy sessions and activities at the Respite Centres.

With Christine attending the rehabilitation and respite programmes at ABLE, and with some assistance from her aunt to look out for Christine, Mdm Ho has been able to return to part-time teaching. She is even able to do her work at the centre while Christine rests or plays the piano.

“A second home for me”

– Mdm Catherine Ho

Christine during a craft session