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RTW client return to work with existing employer

Amin was involved in a road traffic accident in April 2017 and sustained a traumatic brain injury, extensive nerve damage in his left shoulder, as well as facial fractures. Due to this, he had to undergo a series of surgical procedures. Thanks to the early referral by NUH’s medical social worker, ABLE’s therapists were able to conduct a pre-discharge screening before his hospital discharge in preparation for his rehabilitation at ABLE.

Before the accident, Amin had worked as a maintenance technician with Mega Adventure, an outdoor adventure company located in Sentosa. Given the extent of his injuries and the lead time for recovery, returning directly to his job was not a viable short term goal. ABLE’s therapists and RTW coordinator have been working closely with Amin’s employer in order to understand his duties as well as work environment by frequently visiting his worksite. This enabled joint goal-setting for rehabilitation that consists mainly of building up Amin’s strength, endurance, and balance.

A simulated work station has been set up at his workplace for Amin to practice his skills and continue work hardening whilst at work. Mega Adventure sponsored part of Amin’s medical and rehabilitation-related expenses to offset his financial outlay.

“My supervisors and colleagues have been very supportive, and I feel blessed to have a stable job to return to. Even though I am returning to the same workplace, my new job scope will be slightly different from what I used to do. I am very excited to return to work and to learn new things”.

– Mr Amin

Amin, with ABLE Physiotherapist Nicola Ying, and Occupational Therapist Cheng Shuet Fong at his job site