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The People of ABLE

RTW client placed with a new employer

Like many Singaporeans, 29-year-old Syafiq works full-time for five days a week. He gets dressed and goes to the office every morning, and spends his days working alongside his colleagues, chit chatting and laughing with them over lunch before heading back home after an honest day’s work.

Behind this happy picture of an independent working adult lies Syafiq’s struggles and challenges – just four years ago in 2015 he suffered a stroke and, as a result, was limited in his ability to move. At that point, Syafiq had given up hope of ever becoming independent again, let alone going back to work.

In 2016, however, Syafiq was introduced to ABLE. Our therapists provided Syafiq with exactly what he needed – tough love! On top of helping Syafiq with his rehabilitation needs, ABLE also supported Syafiq with its transportation services and provided respite services for his family. Importantly, ABLE offered Syafiq coaching and counselling sessions as part of our Return-To-Work programme. At the start of 2018, Syafiq set himself the goal of finding a job within a year. With hard work, perseverance and lots of encouragement and support, Syafiq achieved his goal within just a few months, securing a job as a customer service agent with Silver Spring Pathfinder (SSP).

Looking back at how far he has come since his stroke, Syafiq is understandably proud of his achievements yet remains humble in acknowledging the support he received, saying, “The staff at ABLE are very passionate and caring, and they know what they are doing.

Mr Syafiq at his workplace.