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Full-time staff at ABLE-SEAS

Stephanie Yip had been suffering from diabetes before her stroke in May 2015. Stephanie in her early 60s, recalls how she awoke in the morning and felt weakness in her legs. Despite getting the all clear after an initial hospital consultation, she subsequently experienced discomfort the following evening. She suffered a stroke and was hospitalised for one month.

The stroke led to weakness in Stephanie’s left arm and stiffness in her fingers, which impeded her ability to carry out daily activities, such as bathing and eating independently in the initial months after her stroke. Nonetheless, she was optimistic about returning to work after her stroke, where she was previously an accounts assistant. After coming to know about ABLE from St Andrew’s Community Hospital, she joined ABLE’s Return-to-Work programme in September 2016. In addition to the weekly therapy sessions, Stephanie has also attended a career fair with ABLE’s case manager where she had the opportunity to be interviewed for a couple of jobs in the hospitality and printing industry.

Stephanie was successfully employed as a full-time staff at ABLE SEAS in December 2016, where she is employed as a full-time accounts assistant. She is looking forward to attend further certification training arranged at ABLE and is happy to be able to continue with her rehabilitation therapy sessions as the same time.

“She was optimistic about returning to work after her stroke.””

– Stephanie Yip

Stephanie working at ABLE SEAS